Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UPDATE: Porco Murder Trial in New York.

As previously blogged about HERE and here the trial in New York of Christopher Porco, accused of murdering his father and brutally attacking his mother, has been going on recently.

On Thursday last week, a jury returned a guilty verdict. A link to the video of the verdict is available here.

Comments and reaction of a family member can be read here. The family member writes:

So as not to leave you all on a down note I will say that if anything good has come from this it’s that much of our family is as strong as or stronger than we have ever been. I personally hale from Joan’s side of the family, so even though I considered Peter one of my favorite relatives, I was related to him only by marriage. But through this experience, I, and many other family members, have had the opportunity to grow closer to the extended Porco family, and especially Peter’s sister Patty. If one person has guided all of us through this time it has been Patty. Because of her, I am proud to say that even in Peter’s absence, our two families will remain connected. If there’s a silver lining here, that has to be it.


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