Monday, August 14, 2006

Jill Carroll's Story: Part I.

The Christian Science Monitor is now running, in parts to be posted over the next few days (10 parts in all), Jill Carroll's story, in her own words. It's worth your time to check out her account of her ordeal. In Part I, she writes about the kidnapping itself. A group of Sunni's killed her interpreter and took her hostage. She makes the following poignant observation:

[Her interpreter, Alan] and I had been focusing for several months on piecing together a clear picture of Iraq's Sunni community. Their tacit support for the insurgency allowed it to operate; understanding them was key to understanding the forces violently splitting the country.

Now I was to gain the insight we had so long sought. At such a price to Alan, I have never been so desperate for ignorance.

Introduction: 82 Days in Captivity
Part I: The Kidnapping

Part II: A Spy With A Homing Device.


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