Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update on Air Frivolity.


According to Oregon, the idiot who was "tired" of being "mistaken" for Michael Jordan has decided to drop his lawsuit. According to the article:

Heckard did not give a reason for dropping his request for $416 million from Jordan and $416 million from Knight, the shoe company executive he blamed for making Jordan -- and his -- a household face.

Vada Manager, Nike spokesman, said no payment was made to Heckard to get him to drop the lawsuit.

"It's fairly simple," Manager said Monday. "He finally realized he would end up paying our court costs if the lawsuit went to trial."

The lawsuit gained attention in newspapers and magazines and on radio and television -- including comedy monologues -- across the country. It was the subject of online chats around the world.

Like Jordan, Heckard is African American, has a shaved head, wears an earring and likes to play basketball. However, he is about half a foot shorter, 25 pounds lighter and 8 years older than Jordan.

End Air Frivolity.

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