Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Punk'd at a Deposition."

There's a pretty interesting post over at Concurring Opinions about a young attorney being "punk'd" by a fellow attorney during a deposition. The basic setup involves a fake deposition in a sexual harrassment case, wherein the young attorney was representing the "victim" being subjected to increasingly objectionable questions. Some of the questions and responses of the "punk'd" attorney are priceless.

As noted in the comments, the "taste" of using this as the subject matter could be questioned, and the outrageous nature of some of the questions is tempered by the unfortunate reality that many such questions often are, properly or not, asked and allowed during depositions in this sort of case.

Nonetheless, the overall effect is pretty good, and if nothing else shows that lawyers DO have senses of humor afterall.

The video:
Candid Camera: Legally Punk'd

Concurring Opinions


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