Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jill Carroll's Story: Part IV

In Part 4 of her story about her kidnapping, Jill Carroll relates the story of learning that one of her kidnappers was proud that his wife planned to be a suicide bomber. Jill writes:

I was still unused to captivity, still learning the boundaries, both physical and mental, that my kidnappers had imposed. I didn't want to offend. But I was shocked at the talk of a mother's suicide; shocked that Um Ali would blush at her husband's praise of this plan.

"Oh, I didn't know women could be car bombers," was all I could muster.

Later I was told that this was the only way women could be part of the mujahideen. The men could have the glory of fighting in battle. Women got to blow themselves up.

Part IV: A Mother As A Suicide Bomber

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