Friday, August 18, 2006

Jill Carrol's Story: Part V

In Part 5 of her personal kidnapping story, Jill writes about how her captors made her watch DVDs of them and their fellow Al-Qaeda members waging war and killing American soldiers. She writes:

One video showed all these men who were going to be suicide car bombers. They interviewed them, and then showed a field, with cars lined up, and each man getting into a car - waving, just euphoric - and then driving off.

Others had pictures of an American Humvee driving along - and then it would blow up, and they'd cut to a graphic of a lightning flash, and thunder clapping.

She also writes about how she came to understand that, to her captors, killing Americans was "a righteous path, this was their work for God."

While I sat there watching them, I felt the insurgents were sending me a message: They hate Americans so much, they're proud of these attacks. It's normal to them.

Surely they were going to kill me. How could they not?

Part V: Mujahideen Movies

Introduction: 82 Days in Captivity
Part I: The Kidnapping
Part II: Spy With A Homing Device
Part III: The First Video
Part IV: A Mother As A Suicide Bomber

Next (Sunday Night)
Part VI: Reciting Koranic Verses


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