Monday, December 19, 2005

Wire-tapping Link Repository.

**UPDATE: August 29, 2006:
I simply can't keep up with the various news stories and blogs on this subject any longer. I'm posting the links about the recent court opinion ruling the wiretapping program unconstitutional, and then this post will no longer be updated:

Memorandum Opinion
Jurist Coverage
MSNBC Coverage
CNN Coverage
Fox News Coverage
NY Times Coverage
LA Times Coverage
Washington Post Coverage

ACS Blog
**END UPDATE AUGUST 29, 2006**

Since this seems to be one of the biggest stories right now, I'm going to post links to all of the stories I've seen on the wire-tapping story in this post. And I'll just keep updating this post as I see more. Each time I update, I'll put **NEW** next to new entries and remove any such tags on older entries.

Because there are, obviously, far too many blog posts on this topic for me to actually find, read, and post links to each of them, I'm adding a couple of links to search results for such blog posts. I'll post links to specific entries that I have seen, read, and found useful. Otherwise, you can view the search results and sort through some more on your own.

**Latest update: Wednesday, August 2, 2006**


Google Blog Search:

Technorati Search:

Blog Search Engine:


The Relevant Law:

Jurist posts on this story:

TalkLeft posts on this story:

Talking Points Memo posts on this story:

Concurring Opinions posts on this story:

The Legal Reader posts on this story:

Prawfs Blawg posts on this story:

Volokh Conspiracy posts on this story:

U.Chicago Law Faculty Blog posts on this story:

How Appealing posts on this story:

Is That Legal? posts on this story:

Balkinization posts on this story:

American Constitution Society posts on this story:

Federalist Society posts on this story:

Althouse posts on this story:

Cold Fury posts on this story:

Orin Kerr posts on this story:

Other Blog Posts on this story:

More "Main-stream" Media links on this story:

"Quicker Hits" on this story:

"Sarcasm" on this story:


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