Monday, December 12, 2005

Counterpoint to Tookie Williams.

Seth has pointed me to a counterpoint to Tookie Williams. It's the case of Cory Maye. Seth has mentioned this story before, as well.

The Agitator has a good recap of the backstory. Basically the case involves police execution of a warrant for a duplex in the search of drugs (based on the tip of a CI), officers entering the side that Cory maye lived on with his young daughter, in the middle of the night, entering Maye's bedroom, and Maye shooting one of the officers. Maye was not named in any warrant, there was initially some question of whether the warrant included Maye's side of the duplex, and initially reports said no drugs were found in Maye's home. By the time of trial, prosecutors maintained that the warrant included both sides of the duplex and that "trace" amounts of marijuana were found in Maye's side of the duplex. Despite what certainly seems to be arguable justification for shooting (if a group of armed people entering your bedroom in the middle of the night while and fear for the life of yourself and your young daughter isn't enough, what is?), Maye was convicted and sentenced to death.

Seth's got links to other blogs covering this story. I'll update this more as I get time to read more and see more of the other information out there. But the back story is, at the least, a good counterpoint to the back story of Tookie Williams.


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