Saturday, December 17, 2005

Weekend Blog-Roll Updates

I'm pretty busy (as usual) this weekend, and likely won't be around to post much. But I thought I would, at the very least, add a couple of updates to the Blog-Roll.

First, Angelica over at Battlepanda has been kind enough to add Kierkegaard Lives to her blogroll, and I'm more than happy to do the same here. Battlepanda has some great posts over there on a variety of political topics, most especially her continuing updates to the blogosphere's reaction to the Cory (Corey?) Maye story.

Also, I'm adding a link to Immodest Proposals. Immodest Proposals is a newer blog, not unlike this one. I especially like XWL's reasoning for not "tagging" others on that meme-tag I answered earlier in the week.


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