Monday, March 06, 2006

New Blawg-Roll Compilation.

Courtesy of Blawg Review, comes an idea for a sort of super-mega-ultra-comprehensive blawg-roll.

An explanation of the concept from Blawg Review:

. . . new collaborative law blogroll, myHq blawgs. It's a work in progress—a labor of link love—and will be developed with features and new categories suggested by law bloggers, from time to time. This blogroll will be updated and maintained by the tireless team of editors at Blawg Review.

If you think this is useful, we'd appreciate if you'd add a link or mention myHq blawgs on your own law blog to help your readers discover this new resource. It's wikid.

So, the link to the work in progress: CLICK HERE NOW!.

Wikid indeed.


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