Monday, February 27, 2006

Blawg Review #46.

Blawg Review #46 is up this morning over at de novo.
This week's edition of blawg review includes references to some of the best legal blog posts of the past week on a variety of topics, including:

-- a discussion of why lawyers are pessimistic
-- a book review
-- a look at some important IP cases of 2005
-- a look at the future of legal blogs
-- a nod to a few of the posts about the google porn thumbnails developments
-- a discussion of "spicing up" CLE materials
-- a look at fair use and trademark implications for derogatory words
-- a look at heckling Justice Scalia
-- looks at professor/student email, ethics and math, and the benefits of early settlement
-- and many more great posts from last week

Go check out this week's blawg review. It's a great way to catch up on the wide variety of posts from last week's legal blogs. Then, spend a little bit of time browsing some of the rest of the good stuff at de novo. For example, last week de novo had a post about South Dakota leading the way to ban abortion and discussing the unique nature of abortion legislation, where the doctors face criminal prosecution but the "buyer" or "recipient" of the doctor's service does not.

Finally, I have to thank the fine folks at de novo for recognizing two of the Kierkegaard Lives posts from last week. Thanks!


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