Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Morning Follow-ups.

A couple of follow-ups this morning to earlier posts:

California and the Postponed Execution of Morales:

The original Kierkegaard Lives post about Michael Morales and California's indefinite postponment of his execution for lack of any medical professional willing to take part in the lethal injection is: HERE (February 22, 2006).

This morning brings a couple of updates and further commentary:

How Appealing (February 23, 2006) has a post with lots of links to follow-up commentary about what impact this particular California case and its difficulties will have on the future state of lethal injection nationwide. Potentially far-ranging ramifications. is reporting about the effect this delay is having on the victim's family. The victim's father believes that "the whole judicial system went to hell." is also reporting on an AP story concluding that the delay of the Morales execution amounts to a complete moratorium on executions in California, home to the nation's largest death row.

Sentencing Law & Policy has a post compiling other headlines, editorials, and commentary about the Morales case.

SCOTUS Decision to Take Partial-Birth Abortion Case:
The original Kierkegaard Lives post about the SCOTUS decision to take the partial-birth abortion case out of Nebraska is: HERE (February 21, 2006).

This morning, How Appealing has a post containing links to a number of news stories from across the nation about the case and the potential signficance of the Roberts and Alito votes.


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