Thursday, March 09, 2006

Creative College Basketball Fans.

I came across this post over at The World According to Pooh this morning, and it's simply too good not to share. As a huge college basketball fan sitting on pins and needles this week hoping my favorite team gets off the bubble and into the big dance, I cannot help but truly appreciate the effort and creativity of the California Golden Bears' fans.

I don't think I can add anything or say anything about this particularly better than Pooh did, so I'm going to just cannibalize his entire post for your pleasure:

Cal Golden Bear hoops fans, well played:

When USC guard Gabe Pruitt took his first trip to the free throw line early in the game, the Cal student section hollered in unison: "VIC-TOR-IA, VIC-TOR-IA," and then yelled out a telephone number. Pruitt glanced back at the crowd in horror and bewilderment before clanking his free throws.

It turns out that a couple of mischeivous little bastards from the Cal student section had been IM'ing with Pruitt all week under the identity of "Victoria," a fictional UCLA hottie, and Pruitt was eagerly anticipating a date with this nubile co-ed back in Westwood after the game. In preparation for the date, Pruitt had handed over his digits, which the Cal student section recited back to him in unison.

He of course clanked them both. There's more. Allegedly,

Transcripts of their conversation were handed out to the [B]ench [Pooh: That's the Cal student section]. My personal favorite quotes by Gabe: "You look like you have a very fit body." and "Now I want to c u so bad."

Awesome. Embarassing? Bet your ass. But for this, you Cal Crazies, you are fitting winners of this weeks reconstituted AHW. My faith in the goodness of humanity is restored.

(links via Deadspin)

Awesome, indeed.


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