Thursday, March 09, 2006

Compiling "Guides" to the Blawg-o-Sphere.

Earlier in the week I POSTED about Blawg Review's new comprehensive blogroll (in progress).

Well, it turns out that that project is not the only one currently going on to compile a comprehensive index of of the blawg-o-sphere. Ian at 3L Epiphany is doing a "similar" project. But his is, in some ways, more ambitious. Ian is actually "blogging for credit" right now in his third year of law school, and is undertaking a project that he describes as follows:

I will use 3L Epiphany to propose various methods for classifying legal blogs. My goal is to create a comprehensive infrastructure for the legal blogosphere. I will accomplish this by recommending possible categories that can distinguish among legal blogs, and describing examples of how the classification would be applied. I will design my taxonomy to be both useful and user-friendly. My sincere hope is that legal bloggers will embrace this project, and that it will stimulate a long-overdue discussion in this area.

You can access Ian's current list by checking out this post. It's a good project, and a good start to something that is potentially very meaningful and useful. So go check it out, make some recommendations if you have any, and help this 3L with his project.


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