Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005. Miscellaneous.

First off, thanks so much to everyone who's been stopping by and who's emailed me with thoughts, comments, and/or encouragment (or criticism, even)!

Second, as it nears the Christmas holiday I will likely be AWOL most of the next week or so. Travel, holidays, family, travel, food, travel, food, etc. will likely me keep me off-line. I will try to find some time to get online if I can, especially to keep up with the NSA / Wire-tapping discussion. I updated the "Repository" this morning. I'll do my best.

As for "new" news today, it's definitely worth noting the 4th Circuit's decision yesterday in Padilla. You can read more about it over at PrawfsBlawg or at TalkLeft. Perhaps the most surprising part of this story is that it was Luttig who wrote it.


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