Thursday, December 08, 2005

12/8/05 Quick Hits.

Just a few quick headline hits this morning:

It's the 25th anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon.

Yesterday, air marshals on an airplane in Miami shot and killed a bi-polar man who claimed to have a bomb. The blogosphere reacted. According to, no bomb was found. Seth has a thoughtful post on this topic over at The World According to Pooh.
***FOLLOWUP 12/8***
A followup article posted today on the Wasington Post notes that the shooting has been defended but is getting mixed reviews. Pretty much what you likely saw from the earlier links to various discussion. For a more satirical look at what may have happened, Scrappleface suggests it's all part of a new Bush anti-mental health policy.
***FOLLOWUP 12/8***

The first opinion authored by new Chief Justice John Roberts was issued yesterday.

A lot of discussion in the news and the blogosphere generally about the failed prosecution of former South Florida professor Sami al-Arian.


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Thanks for linking to my Mayhem in Miami post, Kierkegaard. ;)

I'll be generally staying on the MIA shooting meme, today.


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