Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nude Photos of Jennifer Aniston.

The past week has brought two different stories getting pretty high publicity involving the posting on the internet of photographs taken of other people nude, and without their permission.

First, a student at the University of Pennsylvania took photos of a couple apparently having sex in front of a dorm window and then posted them on a password protected website. Although the University threatened disciplinary action against the student, they eventually backed off. Apparently the "victim" is still considering legal action. This incident, naturally, caught the attention of the blogosphere.

Now, Jennifer Aniston is suing paparazzi who took topless photos of her and posted them on the internet. Certainly there is some question about whether there is anything unlawful about taking such photos if they were taken from a lawful vantage point. This incident, naturally, has also caught the attention of the blogosphere.

(In the interest of full disclosure, there is allegedly a link to the Anniston photos in the comments to the Crimprof_blog link above.)

***FOLLOWUP 12/8***
Concurring Opinions discusses some of the legal implications of the cease and desist letter sent out by Aniston's attorneys.
***FOLLOWUP 12/8***


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