Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld

Although I don't have time to provide any thoughts or analysis on the ruling -- other than to say it's a shame that precedent means so little to this Supreme Court than a simple change of one member means throwing out a very recent decision on identical issues -- I don't want to fall into a habit of not posting again just because I'm busy.

SO. Instead, I'll point to the following other blogs which provide some insight, analysis, summaries, etc., of the recent SCOTUS decision upholding the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban:

ACS Blog: BREAKING: Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban.
SCOTUS Blog: Court upholds federal abortion ban.
TalkLeft: Alito: The Chickens Come Home to Roost.
Althouse: The federal "partial bith" abortion ban is upheld.

**4/19/07 UPDATE:**
Obviously there is a ton of information on the blawg-o-sphere about this decision. Here a couple of the more important followups:
ACS Blog: Wednesday Roundup: Reproductive Education.
ACS Blog: Justice Ginsburg's Summary of Dissent.

**4/19/07 UPDATE #2:**
A couple of more important and valuable links about the decision:
How Appealing (with many external links included).
SCOTUS Blog: Commentary: Some Consequences of Carhart II.


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