Friday, March 16, 2007

The Story of Alejandro DeJesus, from ACS Blog.

Alejandro DeJesus was a U.S. Navy Veteran. Alejandro DeJesus served this country in Vietnam. Alejandro DeJesus had a history of mental illness and suicide attempts. In 1997, Alejandro DeJesus turned to the Department of Veterans Affairs for help.

The VA diagnosed DeJesus with a violent mental illness. Then the VA assigned a caseworker to provide therapy to DeJesus -- a woman who had attended nursing school but had twice failed the licensing exam and had no license to practice. Then the VA transferred DeJesus to a non-profit facility funded by the VA. Unfortunately, DeJesus' caseworker wrote on his admittance forms that he had no history of mental illness or behavioral problems, and made no mention of his history of violence and suicide attempts.

Go over to ACS Blog to read the rest of DeJesus' story. It is a sad story. It ends with DeJesus shooting and killing two of his own children, shooting and killing two neighbors, and turning a gun on himself and committing suicide. It also ends with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upholding a $7.4 million jury award against the VA on the basis of the VA's "gross negligence."


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