Monday, March 19, 2007

LawComix -- Even Lawyers Need a Comic Strip!

Here's a great site for getting a regular dose of legal humor: Scribble-in-Law by Charles Pugley Fincher, J.D. New comics every Monday, "plus Extras" on occasion. Go check out the archive and catch up; there's some really great stuff there:

"Abuse of Discretion"
"Surveillance Photo"
"Sock Puppet Contempt"

... and many more!

Scribble-in-Law is a law cartoon by Charles Pugsley Fincher. New Scribbles are posted on Mondays with unscheduled extras posted as they are done. Each current cartoon is rotated to the archive when a new one is posted.

Don't expect conventional lawyer jokes here, but instead inside legal humor and satire with an offbeat slant. In addition to being a cartoonist, Fincher is a lawyer so at times Scribble is inside-baseball stuff primarily for people connected to the legal field and corporate firms ... Read more.

There's even an RSS feed, so you can subscribe and be automatically notified of new updates!

Blawgs Blog (3-18-07)


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