Friday, February 17, 2006

"Kierkegaard Lives" Archives Return.

After several weeks and almost a dozen emails to "Blogger Support" in an attempt to find out why my "Archives" blog was entirely deleted without any explanation, I have finally managed to get a specific and personal response. A support worker named "Samantha" has restored the Archives blog and assured me that the problem won't happen again. As I suspected, the Archives blog was "flagged" by Blogger's anti-spam software as a splog and was summarily removed.

I understand that, I guess. My problem was that I had to send so many emails to actually get anyone to take a look at the problem and give me any kind of real response. I got several automated responses directing me to Blogger's "FAQ" and such, all of which, of course, provided no help at all.

Anyway. The good news is that Samantha finally came through for me. The Archives are back up over on the sidebar. I'll try to get them updated soon.


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