Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Morning Blog Round-Up.

A quick look around the legal blogosphere this morning:

Coretta Scott King:

There's a good post over at Firedoglake commemorating the passing of Coretta Scott King. A woman of grace and dignity, for whose presence the world is a better place.

Appellate Practice Tips:

The North Dakota Supreme Court has posted some tips for appellate practice. Although some of them are specific to North Dakota appellate practice, many are generally good tips for anyone who engages in appellate practice. Some of them are even somewhat humorous:

  • "When your client wants to appeal as a matter of principle, tell the client how much principal it will take."

  • "Seek to persuade, not to show how much you know."

  • "'Civility is not too much to expect in a civilized society's alternative to brute force, stealth, and deception.' See Jacobson v. Garaas, 2002 ND 181, ΒΆ 37, 652 N.W.2d 918."

  • Go check it out.

    Appellate Law and Practice
    Legal Writing Prof Blog

    Alito Up-Down Vote:

    As Bashman reports (with several good links), the up-down vote on Alito is scheduled for 11 a.m. today. It'll be on C-Span, etc. Barring some shocking twist, this is already a foregone conclusion.

    Oscar Nominees:

    Okay, so I know the Oscar nominees being announced is not really "legal" news of any sort. But it's good enough for Ms. Althouse to comment on, so it's good enough to mention here.


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