Monday, January 09, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday Morning Musings.

Good Monday morning everyone. Here's a few miscellaneous tidbits to start the week off:

Alito Confirmation Hearings Begin:

Obviously the biggest legal news this morning is that the Alito confirmation hearings start today . I'm sure much of the blawg community will be running some commentary and updates on the events. I'll try to post a daily recap of the key developments from each day. In addition, SCOTUS Blog is going to be "live blogging" the hearings.

For now, if you want to do a little "prep" work on your own, here's a few resources with some information for you to check out:

Alliance for Justice Final Report on Alito.
Alito's Judicial Questionnaire / Responses.
ABA Ratings of Judicial Nominees.

Blawg Review #39

Blawg Review #39 is up this morning over at Adam Smith, Esq.. The theme for this week's blawg review is "Epiphany." Among the highlights of this week's blawg review are mentions of the upcoming Alito hearings, a recap of NSA surveillance, an interesting look at "Lawyers Gone Bad," some important practice tips, and a shout-out to Economics and the Law posters.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that Bruce MacEwen, the author of Adam Smith, Esq., and this week's blawg review, included Kierkegaard Lives and the link repository. Thanks!

As always, this week's blawg review is a greatly entertaining and informative review of what's been happening in the world of legal blogging the past week. Go check it out, and then spend a little more time browsing some of the other posts on the blog. There are some very insightful thoughts about the intersection of business, economics, and the law, even on a global scale.

Best Legal Writing from the Past Year

The Green Bag, an "Entertaining Journal of Law," has published an "Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Tidbits for Lawyers & Reader of Good Legal Writing from the Past Year." You can read an excerpt from the almanac online. Contained within are the top "opinions and orders" written by various members of the judiciary, the top "books," the top "short articles," the top "briefs and motions," the top "long articles," and the top "miscellany." Although the actual selections are not available at the Green Bag site, citations are provided so that you can go out and find the actual documents.

(Hat-tip: Concurring Opinions.)

Steelers 31, Bengals 17

... enough said.


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