Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Remember Cory Maye? Update.

As I first posted about here, Cory Maye is an individual sitting on death row in Mississippi for shooting and killing a police officer. The details surrounding the innocent, however, raise serious questions about whether Maye's actions were criminal, and certainly whether they merited a death sentence. Here's the (too) short summary I previously posted:

Basically the case involves police execution of a warrant for a duplex in the search of drugs (based on the tip of a CI), officers entering the side that Cory maye lived on with his young daughter, in the middle of the night, entering Maye's bedroom, and Maye shooting one of the officers. Maye was not named in any warrant, there was initially some question of whether the warrant included Maye's side of the duplex, and initially reports said no drugs were found in Maye's home. By the time of trial, prosecutors maintained that the warrant included both sides of the duplex and that "trace" amounts of marijuana were found in Maye's side of the duplex. Despite what certainly seems to be arguable justification for shooting (if a group of armed people entering your bedroom in the middle of the night while and fear for the life of yourself and your young daughter isn't enough, what is?), Maye was convicted and sentenced to death.

Angelica has a new post on the story over at Battlepanda. The coverage of the story has waned significantly. But now What Is Liberalism? has posted some "buttons" like the one at the top of the post that people can put on their sites/blogs. The buttons direct people to the site MayeIsInnocent website. You can go there, get more information about the story, and make up your own mind. The details of this case are certainly troubling and definitely worth some serious consideration and debate.

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