Monday, January 16, 2006

Blawg Review #40.

Blawg Review #40 is up over at Small Business Trends. This week's author, Anita Campbell has a fascinating story of her own; she's educated as a lawyer, but chose to work in the business world instead of the legal field.

This week's blawg review has shout-outs to some of the best of the blawg-o-sphere from last week on a variety of topics including:

The Alito Hearings and various recaps of them.
Business Ideas.
Corporate Legal Issues.
Better Writing practice tips that are applicable in law, business, and blogging.
Life as we know it.
The Justice System.
All About Clients.

If you were consumed with the Alito hearings last week, like I was (when I wasn't working, of course), this is a great way to catch up on the high points you might have missed. Links to many of the best or most interesting blawg posts of the past week, all in one place.


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