Monday, May 01, 2006

Hooray! It's Another Husband-Wife Sex Slave Contract!

Courtesy of The Smoking Gun comes yet another fascinating story of young love, as a Minnesota businessman allegedly forced his wife into a six-page "Master" and "Slave" contract setting out explicit rules for the parties' relationship and punishment if the wife violated its terms. This contract includes provisions such as:

"Slave agrees at all times to make her body readily available to Master for use. Slave agrees to wear any and all clothing Master chooses."

"It is the duty of slave to please.
Personal Duties: Physical/emotional needs of Master, amusement, sexual toy/plaything, physical comfort, obedience, honesty, loyalty, waiting on Master as desired and needed."

"Slave shall address Master as Master Jon at all times ..."

"Slave is to achieve orgasm ONLY by permission of Master."

It's interesting to note that "Master Jon" is really named "Kevin."

Anyway, this is another contract, although not as graphic, like the one I blogged about a couple weeks ago in Iowa. Maybe it's a midwest thing?


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