Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update on the blog-roll.

For now my main purpose in creating this blog is to provide a good blog-roll of the best legal blogs (blawgs) on the 'net. I'm striving for good general legal news blawgs, appellate and SCOTUS-specific blawgs, blawgs featuring law professors, and "entertaining" legal blawgs. I'm striving for a good balance of conservative, liberal, and non-partisan blawgs. A couple of quick updates to the current blog-roll are in order.

First, as followers of legal blawgs are no doubt aware by now, "Underneath Their Robes" is (at least temporarily) off-line. (See the New Yorker article exposing the previously anonymous author of the blog: New Yorker Jeffrey Toobin Article.) Clicking on the link right now takes you to a log-in screen. I'm leaving the link up for now until some definitive information is out there about the future of the blog. **UPDATE(11/29)**: There's at least a rumor right now that David Lat (the previously anonymous author of UTR) might have a book deal in the works. **UPDATE(11/29)**

I noticed this week that my link to The Washington Note was inadvertently a link to one of the blawg's archive pages. So I fixed that and linked to the main page now.

Finally, I'm adding a section to the blog-roll for "Legal Resources" to provide links to miscellaneous sites that provide good legal resources, such as research materials, etc. The first two sites to go in that section are Findlaw, a good general multi-purpose resource, and Harvard Law Review, now available online in .pdf format.


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